Why Choose Us?

  1. School Bands, Choirs and Orchestras Your music family is a force to be reckoned with! Armed with a sales goal, smart, creative students and supportive parents who understand that one well-done fundraiser can replace several smaller ones - you can make a difference in your fundraising efforts! Host a (insert your mascot or school name here) "Band Aid" event today and maximize your dollars earned! We can help!
  2. Managing Director
    Schools, community groups and non-profits Whole-school fundraisers or individual programs...make a difference with a fundraiser that parents, community members and businesses are excited to support! Avoid fundraiser fatigue and reach your goal with one exceptional product. Share the WHY of your fundraiser to sellers and supporters for the biggest impact!
  3. Athletic Teams Here's the answer to the ever common question coaches and parent boosters ask "What do you have that's new?" Outstanding earning potential makes this fundraiser a stand-out with $10 earned on every kit sold. Plus, our custom prizes can help outfit the team and motivate players to reach your fundraiser goal. Prizes significantly increase sales, so we use our resources to provide top-quality clothing and gear personalized to your program at wholesale prices. We go a step further by splitting prize cost 50/50 to create a fundraiser primed for success!
  4. Managing Director
    From employee gifts and company thank you's to safety rewards and classroom essentials, the School Band Aid first aid kit is always a favorite. Kits can be branded in a variety of ways and we're willing to work with you for special requests! Make a difference with your gift giving and an impression that will last.

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Your next fundraising activity could be as easy as
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    We invoice your organization, make payment arrangements and deliver the kits to your door
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    You deliver the kits to your customers
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    Collect your orders and payments and submit your order by fax or email to School Band Aid